Orchestra (Grade 6)
Instructors: Mrs. Horne
Fee: No Fee, Materials and instruments required. District has some instruments students can borrow. 

Choir (Grade 3-6)
Instructors: Mrs. Hill & Mrs. Mecham
Fee: $30-$35 (includes Shirt)

Lego Robotics Team ( Tug-o-war & Sumo)
Instructor: Mr. Cardon & Mrs. Bauder)
Fee: $30-$40 ( includes shirt & tournament)

Chess Club
Instructor: Mr. Cardon
Fee: $30-$35 (includes shirt)

Jr. Hope Squad
Instructors: Mrs. McNeely, Mrs. Gorringe, & Mrs. Bingham
Fee: No Fee

Yearbook Club
Instructors: Mrs. Joos & Mrs. Brown
Fee: $25 (includes Shirt & Yearbook)

Student Council
Instructors: Mrs. Wheeler, Mr. Ericksen, & Mrs. Bauder
Fee: Students raise funds (includes Shirt & activites)

Archery Team
Instructors: Mrs. McNeely & Mrs. Bauder
Fee: $30-$40

M-Bots Club
Instructor: Mrs. Bauder
Fee: $20-$25 

Karate Introductory Class
Instructors: Local Business
Fee: $25-$35

*** School Fee Notice  

****For questions about Fee waivers and assistance,  feel free to reach out to School Principal, Suzie Clayton @ 8014022702 or