Principal Message

We Are Superheroes

Our 2021 theme is “We Are Superheroes.”

When you look up superhero, you’ll find an definition like this:
“a character special powers, such as the ability to fly, that are used for fighting evil or helping people.”

That definition is following by another—one that I would say is superior:
“a person whose actions or achievements are far greater than what people expect.”

As I watched teachers, students, and parents work through the challenges we faced at the end of the 2020 school year, I saw those who “actions [were] far greater than what” I had expected. Even when there were struggles, I heard people say things like, “Well I wish we could go back, but…” followed by all kinds of positive descriptions of what they were doing to be successful.

Teachers are superheroes. These women and men spend hours all summer studying how to adapt to changing conditions, learning how to use new technologies, writing, reading, cutting, laminating—always hunting for something that will help their students do a little better. You’ll never find a group of people who are able to make more with less than teachers. Their achievements always surpass what people expect.

Parents (and grandparents) are superheroes. Parents sacrifice more than anyone to try to make sure their children have a successful and happy experience. They provide for, play with, and protect the children that we at school are privileged to work with.

Children are superheroes. When you look at how common it is for adults in society to argue, complain, retaliate, and dismiss, the actions of our children are “far greater than what people expect.” Children laugh, adapt, forgive, and love with so much ease that these acts become like “special powers” that we adults sometimes struggle with.

So as we move into a new and unknown experience in the 2021 school year, we are excited to see what kinds of extraordinary acts and achievements will come from our teachers, parents, and students. We’re thrilled to be a part of the educational experience of the children at West Clinton—where “We Are Superheroes!”